Just got back from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and shot a short film while I was down there, with Antônio Nunes as D.P. (“Tonhow” was also D.P. on Brains Vs. Brawn). This time Idecided to storyboard the short film, which turned out to be a smart move. I was running here and there and everywhere in […]

Here is one page of the storyboard:  

If I had to judge solely off of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and Before I Self Destruct, two films both starring Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, I’d have to conclude that the rap-star is a better writer and director than Jim Sheridan and Terence Winter, the director/writer team of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. […]

I was born in the lucky year of 1977. I’m a gemini, so that’s double the luck. I grew up in California. I didn’t realize how cool California was when I was growing up. I did a report on Arkansas in 5th grade. I thought, wow, diamonds are mined in Arkansas. I wish I was […]

[This is actually a journal entry that I decided to make public.] I think the secret to everything in life is first to believe in yourself, and then to never stop believing in yourself. I think all success can be traced back to one believing in oneself and all failure can be traced back to […]

As a young adult, I would often read motivational books as I tried to figure out what to do with my life and build a career. A problem with those type of books, however, is that they are far too general, and not personalized in the least. No two people are alike, and what motivates […]

Have you ever wanted to write a screenplay? Here is a secret to writing one, from Robert Rodriguez’s book Rebel Without a Crew: “…if you really want to write [a screenplay], the best way is find an idea that excites you, no matter how small (mine was simply the guy with the guitar case full […]

“I talk to aspiring filmmakers who waste so much time asking people what kind of camera or format they should shoot on and blah blah blah. Grab the camera you can get your hands on fastest and start shooting with it. Everything else will fall into place.” – Robert Rodriguez ‘Nuff said. Now get back […]

Below is a 27-and-a-half minute presentation that I gave earlier this year at the Photography Videography Summit in Salt Lake City. Although I was speaking to photographers and videographers, the message is equally applicable to any profession or dream career. Below that is even more thoughts on the subject (think of it as extra credit). […]

I actually thought about waiting on this, because I’m working on drawing a cool cover for RoboGirl, and you can only do the special free promotion on Amazon once, apparently. RoboGirl: Episode 1: Dance Robot, is a sci-fi/romance short story, coming it at about 20 pages in print. Some of my friends balked at me […]