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Predestination Shoot Tomorrow

Here is one page of the storyboard:   Advertisements

Where Dance Robot Is Headed

Dance Robot is available for download on the Amazon Kindle Store

You Too Can Make Annoying Video Journal Entries – And That’s a Good Thing

Okay, so not that long ago I blogged about how I’m doing the Video Regeneration Workshop from the book Naked Lens by Michael Sean Kaminsky. Just thought I’d post an update as to how that’s going. Here’s a snippet from my journal that I wrote about my experience so far: “Video Journaling and the approach […]

Stephen Covey’s “Self-Awareness” Turned Literal

So I’ve been keeping a video journal. I started about a week ago. I’m reading Naked Lens by Michael Sean Kaminsky, and it has you do an 8-week workshop called the “Video Regeneration.” Today, I did the exercise called “Instant Replay.” This activity involves watching your yourself in your video journal entry and taking notes. […]

Video Journaling – A Powerful Tool for Self Exploration

Video journaling has changed my life…and I’ve only been doing it for two days! You see, I’ve been reading an intriguing book called Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube. At first I bought it because I was interesting in reaching out through video blogging. However, I never knew how […]