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Announcing the Persona Project: A Fine Art Photographic Print Set Inspired by the film Persona

Introducing The Persona Project, a limited edition fine art photographic print set inspired by the classic 1966 film Persona by legendary Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. Please help by watching this video and sharing it with others! And after you have done that, please consider making a donation (minimum $1). Every little bit counts! Thanks! […]

Build Your Reputation By Doing What You Love – 27 Minute Video!

Below is a 27-and-a-half minute presentation that I gave earlier this year at the Photography Videography Summit in Salt Lake City. Although I was speaking to photographers and videographers, the message is equally applicable to any profession or dream career. Below that is even more thoughts on the subject (think of it as extra credit). […]

Fill Your Time With Stuff You Love

  Please help…! I’ve started again to video blog. I’m open to feedback. Do video blogs or written articles seem to be more helpful? Or do you like them both? I’m in search of a good balance. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

Hitler on Filmmaking

The only thing that is important is the last line. The rest of it is really funny though. Thanks to Ryan Grassley, a.k.a. Half Throttle, from whom I stole this…

The Digital Bolex: The 1st Affordable Digital Cinema Camera

I want one! To support the making of this digital cinema camera, please visit Digital Bolex’s Kickstarter page!  

Travel Photography Tip: Photograph People

If you’ve read my profile, you know I’m a triple combo: filmmaker, photographer, and animator. In this vlog, I share a quick tip on travel photography. (To see more of my photos, visit BTW, I apologize for YouTube’s resolution challenged thumbnail. Trust me, the photo is a lot better than that. LOL! UPDATED: Well it […]