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How to Be Disruptive at Film Festivals

My wonderful WordPress followers! I, being a fan of simplicity (the Apple mindset as opposed to the Microsoft mindset), have made a major shift in my way of thinking towards Tumblr as opposed to WordPress. So follow the link below to read this new post on my Tumblr blog: How to Be Disruptive at Film […]

The Persona Project Models

I’m totally psyched to be working with Kinzey and Milla on The Persona Project! Please watch the video for more awesome pics and help support the project and get your prints! More news to come!

danielbeanfilms on tumblr

Check out my new tumblr blog! (Click here ==>) danielbeanfilms on tumblr I will probably be posting much more frequently on tumblr, because their iOS app is the best and easiest-to-use blogging app out there. The WordPress iOS app leaves much to be desired… Nevertheless, I plan to continue this blog with more in-depth (albeit less […]

Shooting the Feature Film Mise en Abyme

Last Saturday, along with Mike Call, our D.P., I started shooting my feature film Mise en Abyme. It was actually just a test shoot, but it got me excited for the weeks and months to come as we shoot our feature film. Seeing what I was able to do with Predestination emboldened me to go […]

How to Get a Good Education as a Filmmaker

So I’ve been polishing my feature-length screenplay, which I plan to shoot this summer, and it keeps getting better. I love rewriting, because I simply just go back and read what I wrote, and immediately I know what to write. “That’s no good, this is what I want it to say…” and boom, there it […]

Raindance and Facebook (Quickie)

I’ve been staying super busy, so haven’t been posting to my blog as much as I would like to. I finished writing my 102-page screenplay on Wednesday. Next week I’m going to NAB and then to Coachella to film that with Patryk Kizny. Today I submitted my short film Predestination to Raindance. I also created […]

Predestination – Coming Soon to a Film Festival Near You

It’s not without irony that I find myself, in the midst of making a film about existential crisis, in an “edit-stential crisis.” I’ve got about 5 or 6 versions edited, all of which I like, but I can’t decide which route I want to go. It’s a real Kierkegaardian Either/Or dilemma. Predestination explores the concepts […]

Dreams Don’t Come True – Not By Themselves Anyways

5 years. 5 Films. 5 Novels. That’s the goal, right? Well let’s see how we are doing so far. First off 2012 was an awesome year…except, I didn’t reach my goal of shooting my feature film in 2012. Not good. Frowny face. Explanation point! I did however shoot write and direct 3 short films, write […]

Predestination Spoilers *UPDATED*

Just got back from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and shot a short film while I was down there, with Antônio Nunes as D.P. (“Tonhow” was also D.P. on Brains Vs. Brawn). This time Idecided to storyboard the short film, which turned out to be a smart move. I was running here and there and everywhere in […]

Is 50 Cent a Better Director than Jim Sheridan?

If I had to judge solely off of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and Before I Self Destruct, two films both starring Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, I’d have to conclude that the rap-star is a better writer and director than Jim Sheridan and Terence Winter, the director/writer team of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. […]