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Mind Monkey Part VII and the State of the Union

Unleash The Mind Monkeys Okay so this isn’t really the seventh mind monkey post. It’s actually the second. (Read the first one here.) But my mind monkey told me to call it Mind Monkey VII and I must obey. Here is a collection of some random thoughts that have been coursing through my cortex lately. […]

Art and Exercise

I believe there is a definite link between art and exercise. The purpose of this article is to tell you everything I can (in 2600 words) about that link. Get Your Art Mojo On First of all, the best way I know to break out of a slump as an artist is exercise. By slump […]

The Glory Days Begin Today

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. —Émile Coué We’ve all met people who are stuck in the “glory days.” The best part of their lives was years ago, and they only derive a sense of identity and self-contentment by reliving or talking about those days. The fallacy is that there […]

Fill Your Time With Stuff You Love

  Please help…! I’ve started again to video blog. I’m open to feedback. Do video blogs or written articles seem to be more helpful? Or do you like them both? I’m in search of a good balance. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

Become Your Dream Self

What is your ‘Dream Self?’ It’s a concept I came up with while writing a screenplay (which was about a novelist—go figure). However, I found that it applies BIG TIME to real life. (Don’t you love my advanced writer’s vocab? I thought so.) DREAM SELF   Quite simply, your dream self is you long to […]

Resolutions, Part Deux

Continuing where I left off the other day… Now that we are a little ways into the year most people have forgotten about that little word “resolution.” Ergo, this is the perfect time time to talk about them. Bettering ourselves shouldn’t be something we think about once a year, it should be something we think […]

You Too Can Make Annoying Video Journal Entries – And That’s a Good Thing

Okay, so not that long ago I blogged about how I’m doing the Video Regeneration Workshop from the book Naked Lens by Michael Sean Kaminsky. Just thought I’d post an update as to how that’s going. Here’s a snippet from my journal that I wrote about my experience so far: “Video Journaling and the approach […]

Working out with a Celebrity Fitness Trainer has its benefits…

Special thanks to Kurt Lee Hurley, the Celebrity Fitness Trainer of Baywatch. Check out his web site here.

Kurt Lee Hurley, Fitness Trainer of Baywatch, Part Deux

Daniel Bean of Daniel Bean Films ( interviews Kurt Lee Hurley, the fitness trainer for the cast and crew of Baywatch, and