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Working on a Children’s Book


Monologue {a short film}

Behold, a brand new short film! I wrote about the excruciating experience of acting in this short film here. This was only my second time ever acting. My first time was in Brains Vs. Brawn, another short film I wrote and directed. Monologue was made with the help of the exceptionally talented Travis Richins, who […]

Writer’s Nightmares

I’ve been working on a lot of content for y’all, I promise. (Sad that in the English language we have to resort to sounding like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel just to be able to address people in the second-person plural.) So yeah, I’ve been having a ho down (spelling?!) with my work. But, if you can […]

Lessons I Learned From Writing a Novel in 30 Days

I did it! I finished my novel in 30 days. I set out to write a complete novel by my 35th birthday, June 19th, 2012. And I completed. I slew the dragon. Now I get to share what I’ve learned with you. It was a very eye-opening, arduous, and fun adventure. I learned so much […]

The Battle is On

As I talked about in my last post, entitled The Fury of Resistance, I’m endeavoring to do something quite irrational and stupid: I’m writing a novel in 30 days. Why? Because I decided before I turn 35 I’m going to have accomplished at least that. Heck, I started writing my first novel (The Continued Adventures of […]

The Fury of Resistance

Last week I was feeling pretty high. I had just finished the first draft of the manuscript of my first non-fiction book: a memoir of how I smashed through all sorts of barriers in my life in the last few months, including losing 40 pounds, finally starting to follow my dreams that I had given […]

RoboGirl: It’s Hard Not To Fall In Love A Girl Who Can Kick The Terminator’s Ass

Today I start my 30 days to finish my RoboGirl novel. It’s a cyberpunk action love story. You can find the original short story it is based off of on Amazon, here. It’s about 25 pages, so just short of being a novelette. It’s been updated and expanded with a peek into where the novel […]

Shout-Out: Steven Pressfield’s Blog and The Hero’s Journey

If you’ve read any of my former posts, chances are you noticed that I’m adamant about The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield is a prolific novelist, author, and screenwriter. Some of his bestselling novels include The Legend of Bagger Vance (later adapted into the Hollywood film starring Will Smith), Gates of Fire, and […]

Nerd Alert: I Just Bought My Tickets for Marvel’s Avengers

Last week, in my post “Never Tell Me the Odds,” I confessed to the utter nerdality of having read the Simarillion in high school. But it’s okay to be a nerd, right? It’s all about the neo-nerd hipster movement. Now that Avengers is finally hitting the movie theaters, I must confess my nerdly love affair […]