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How to Get a Good Education as a Filmmaker

So I’ve been polishing my feature-length screenplay, which I plan to shoot this summer, and it keeps getting better. I love rewriting, because I simply just go back and read what I wrote, and immediately I know what to write. “That’s no good, this is what I want it to say…” and boom, there it […]

Voice-Over: Sequel to The Chapel

First of all, I want to apologize to my loyal readers that I haven’t posted as frequently on my blog lately. There’s a simple reason for this: I’ve been spending more time actually working on films! That’s definitely a good thing. When I have my feature film done (I’ve been writing and rewriting faithfully every […]

Gross Misconceptions about Film

I believe it is more important to create than to learn, and yet the two are intertwined. The most knowledgeable, learned person on the planet, if he or she never creates anything, will be lost in the annals of time, never to be even heard of by future generations, having contributed nothing lasting to society. […]

Mind Monkey Part VII and the State of the Union

Unleash The Mind Monkeys Okay so this isn’t really the seventh mind monkey post. It’s actually the second. (Read the first one here.) But my mind monkey told me to call it Mind Monkey VII and I must obey. Here is a collection of some random thoughts that have been coursing through my cortex lately. […]

Monologue {a short film}

Behold, a brand new short film! I wrote about the excruciating experience of acting in this short film here. This was only my second time ever acting. My first time was in Brains Vs. Brawn, another short film I wrote and directed. Monologue was made with the help of the exceptionally talented Travis Richins, who […]

Nuts In a Blender: Creating Personal Art

I just got done with 6 hours of excruciating pain. No, I wasn’t at the dentist’s office, and there was no Iron Man triathlon today. What I was doing was much more difficult: I was turning my heart inside out for the world to see. I decided to do what I didn’t want to do: […]

“Never Tell Me the Odds”

From Empire Strikes back: C-3PO: Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Han Solo: Never tell me the odds. So…what’s the point? Well first, Han Solo is the pimp-daddy of the galaxy. (I need to get me some pants like his.) But more importantly, I think Han Solo […]

Why Care About the Hero?

I originally entitled this post: The Best Fight Scene Ever. Part Deux.  But then I realized that this article is just as much about how movies make us actually care about the hero as opposed to just watch them go around and do things without any emotional involvement. Note: There are a few plot spoilers […]

Challenges vs Resolutions

“People often make resolutions to create change, especially on New Year’s Eve. But resolutions are one of the biggest scams going—they usually don’t have staying power. You focus on what you want but often end up getting what you don’t want. Instead, why not focus on what you already have first? By focusing on the positive […]

You Too Can Make Annoying Video Journal Entries – And That’s a Good Thing

Okay, so not that long ago I blogged about how I’m doing the Video Regeneration Workshop from the book Naked Lens by Michael Sean Kaminsky. Just thought I’d post an update as to how that’s going. Here’s a snippet from my journal that I wrote about my experience so far: “Video Journaling and the approach […]