RoboGirl: Episode 1: Dance Robot

by Daniel Bean

A comedic sci-fi cyberpunk love story!!

David Copenhagen, robo-whiz kid extraordinaire, has solved every mystery in the universe. Except how this contraption called “female” works…

When a robotic female mysteriously appears on the floor of David Copenhagen’s robot repair shop, a fast-paced escapade of danger and romance ensues…        Download RoboGirl: Episode 1: Dance Robot

The Inner Battle

Timeless lessons learned from myths and the movies on how to be a total badass.   A free download.    Download ‘The Inner Battle’




Other Writings:


The Chapel (Sequel)

I’ve recently completed the script for the sequel to Patryk Kizny’s The Chapel, a short film which took the internet by storm, with 1 million views. Patryk is finishing up on visuals and music, and the film will be unveiled to the public in the near future.

Brains Vs. Brawn

Brains Vs. Brawn is a short film that I wrote and directed. You can see it on the Films page.

Death Pad

I also wrote and directed a short animated film, Death Pad.


I’ve also written a feature length screenplay (a psychological thriller) and a novel (sci-fi), which are both currently in the rewrite process.


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