Dreams Don’t Come True – Not By Themselves Anyways

5 years. 5 Films. 5 Novels. That’s the goal, right?

Well let’s see how we are doing so far. First off 2012 was an awesome year…except, I didn’t reach my goal of shooting my feature film in 2012. Not good. Frowny face. Explanation point!

I did however shoot write and direct 3 short films, write my first novel, write my first non-fiction book, write a screenplay for Patryk Kizny’s follow-up to The Chapel, and lose 40 pounds. So not too shabby. But….I can do better.

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks for the encouragement, Waldo.

I set the 5 years 5 films 5 novels goal last summer. So I’ve decided to shoot my first feature film by my 36th birthday in June. Last year I wrote my first novel by my 35th birthday, June 19, 2012. Success. Over 25 years in the making.

This film will be 8 1/2 on an El Mariachi budget...pipe dream?

This film will be 8 1/2 on an El Mariachi budget…pipe dream?

In 2012, I wrote an approximately 40 page script with the intent to expound upon it and for it to become my first feature length film. This year, throughout the month of January, writing every day (or sometimes late into the night as the case may be) I completely reworked that script and rewrote it into what will soon be a 70 page, completely revamped, bigger, better, more audacious script than what I started out with. So while I’m not happy with myself for not completing my goal, I feel that ultimately this film will be a stronger, much more provocative work than if I had gone out and shot it with the original 40 page script that I wrote. Kind of like stew, sometimes you have to let it sit for a while to enhance the flavor.

That’s right, I almost forgot….5 novels. What I plan to do is tackle the film the first half of the year, and then write the novel in the second half. If this works well, I might do this every year. Basically I’m just making it up as I go along. The only thing that’s important for me is this: make films, write books. Do it every day. If you are not actively pursuing your dreams every day, guess what? They aren’t going to happen. Nothing or no one is going to make your dreams happen but you. So, reality check: if you’re not making them happen, they ain’t gonna happen.

To sum it all up, I welcome this brave new year. In a few short months, before June 19th, I will have shot my first feature film or died trying.

Thanks for following along on my blog and feel free to share your comments and thoughts on filmmaking, writing, life, or the universe!



  1. “So, reality check: if you’re not making them happen, they ain’t gonna happen.”

    Did you have to state the truth so plainly?

    1. I think if you have a plan in place and you are consistently following it, you are making your dreams come true. If you’re in school studying a subject you don’t like because people told you to study it so you can have a peice of paper or make more money, then you aren’t following your dreams. If you’re in school studying what you are passionate about, then you are. Dreams require forceably making them happen as well as patience to let them grow. It’s a paradox. We have to be patient and impatient at the same time.

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