Predestination Spoilers *UPDATED*

Just got back from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and shot a short film while I was down there, with Antônio Nunes as D.P. (“Tonhow” was also D.P. on Brains Vs. Brawn).

Predestination Spoilers - StoryboardThis time Idecided to storyboard the short film, which turned out to be a smart move. I was running here and there and everywhere in Brazil, and had limited time, so I only had time to draw the storyboard while I was in the laundromat (which by the way, laundromats are about 10 times as expensive in Brazil as in the U.S., and I had to take a taxi across town to get to one).

(To the right, you can click to see a side by side comparison of some of the shots from the storyboard compared to how they turned out in the actual footage.)

I was amazed at what a huge difference it made to have a storyboard. First of all, I think we shot the film about 5 times faster than we would have without one. Besides that, I know we wouldn’t have gotten the shots we got without one. In Brains Vs. Brawn, I didn’t make a storyboard, and instead we were just winging it. The result: we were able to make a much more visual and cinematic film as a direct result of some planning and forethought.

Antônio did an amazing job with the Canon 5D Mark III in probably the darkest bar I’ve ever been in. We didn’t use a single production light on this film! We were even shooting many of the shots inside the bar (and out on the street) at 12800 ISO (and using L glass), and they still looked amazing!




  1. cool! That’s amazing low light performance. So how would you rate the mark iii compared to other cameras? pros and cons?

    1. I was totally blown away that we could film at 12800 ISO and get away with it. The highest I shoot at on the T3i is 1600. The Mark III is amazing. I would say one of its strongest points is how good it is in low-light. And I love shooting in low light because you can get such amazing looking images in low-light. What I love about this film is that we did not use a single production light. Not one. And I think it looks so much better for it. That wouldn’t have been possible on a camera that didn’t perform as well in low light.

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