Double Sevens, Part I

I was born in the lucky year of 1977. I’m a gemini, so that’s double the luck. I grew up in California. I didn’t realize how cool California was when I was growing up. I did a report on Arkansas in 5th grade. I thought, wow, diamonds are mined in Arkansas. I wish I was from someplace cool like Arkansas instead of boring old California.


To be continued…



  1. I was born in ’74 in California. And I didn’t know they mined diamonds in Arkansas. I did my 5th grade report on Utah since my grandparents lived there.

    1. I thought you were British!

      And now I live in Utah. Strange how these things work.

      1. I live in London now, but I’m American. Grew up in California, lived in Colorado and Massachusetts and now London. I keep moving east and I wonder if I will end up back in California–complete the circle.

        Utah is beautiful. Spent many of my childhood summers there

      2. I do have a goal of going to London at some point. My brother lived there for two years. From what I hear it is awesome.

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