Tips On Staying Motivated

As a young adult, I would often read motivational books as I tried to figure out what to do with my life and build a career. A problem with those type of books, however, is that they are far too general, and not personalized in the least. No two people are alike, and what motivates one person may turn someone else completely off.

I’ve set some huge goals for myself, including writing and directing a feature film this year (I know, this year is wrapping up soon—but while I’m not as far along in the process as I wanted to be by now, I’m not giving up. In fact, I feel better than ever about the direction I’m going with my feature.) I’ll admit, I’ve definitely had stretches of time where I’ve had to struggle to keep my motivation level high.


Okay, so that heading makes no f$%*-ing sense, right? Actually, it will make perfect sense after I explain it. Going back to what I said, each one of us is different, and each one of us has certain things that motivate us and make us happy. For me, two of those things are Capoeira (A Brazilian martial art) and anime (animation from Japan).

I actually stopped doing capoeira for several years, and just started back up again a few weeks ago. I made a decision to go consistently every week, and every since I’ve done so, it’s changed the way I feel. I was always happy when I did capoeira before, but I did what many adults do when they grow up and get married: I stopped living my life. So I’ve decided to do what I love no matter what, and as a result, I’ve seen a drastic change in my motivation level in all other areas of my life. I put forth more effort in other areas of my life because that need is being met, which wasn’t being met before.

Also, I decided to watch one anime a day. When I do so, my attitude improves and I’m much more relaxed and effective. 23 minutes make the rest of the day go much smoother.

So what I mean by “do what you love to help do what you love” is that you must do the fun recreational things you personally enjoy in order to enable you to hit it hard in the big, scary goals that you are also passionate about, but that require more work. Have fun both at work and at play.

So if I were to write a motivational book right now (which actually I did earlier this year and it’s in the revision stage), I would say: It is imperative that you do things that are unique and quirky that you love and that your friends and family think are strange. Your life will improve in all other areas, because you are fulfilling that need of you being you.

Work hard, play hard. It just works better when you do both, and when you do them your way.


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