Monthly Archives: September 2012

Filmmaking Workshops

I’ve had numerous requests for workshops, so I’m compiling a list of people interested so we can get something started. For the time being, these will be in Utah, but later there’s a definite possibility of holding workshops in other locales in the future. These workshops will focus on actually participating in the creation of […]

Gross Misconceptions about Film

I believe it is more important to create than to learn, and yet the two are intertwined. The most knowledgeable, learned person on the planet, if he or she never creates anything, will be lost in the annals of time, never to be even heard of by future generations, having contributed nothing lasting to society. […]

Straight From Mumbai, India

This blog post comes to you today thanks to Zinal Bhadra, a blogger in Mumbai, India. (Never been to India, though my brother Pukha lived there for a while.) I had gotten to a point where I was frustrated with myself for not accomplishing my goals faster, and I had sort of vowed to myself not […]