Mind Monkey Part VII and the State of the Union

Unleash The Mind Monkeys

Image: chinahearsay.com

Okay so this isn’t really the seventh mind monkey post. It’s actually the second. (Read the first one here.) But my mind monkey told me to call it Mind Monkey VII and I must obey.

Here is a collection of some random thoughts that have been coursing through my cortex lately. If randomness isn’t really your style, feel free to skip down below to the section called “State of the Union” for what I’ve been working on lately.

  • It’s a sad commentary on American society that Japanese cartoons are written for an audience with a higher level of education than the audience for whom American TV is written. Then again, the Japanese are really smart.
  • Screw Pirates of the Caribbean. Black Lagoon has real life modern-day pirates. And a maid who is tougher than Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Clint Eastwood is a badass. I haven’t watched that many of his movies, but I respect the fact that he makes them.
  • I think the reason why Jack Nicholson got so many parts playing a psycho was because of his eyebrows.
  • I’ve watched half of the movies on AFI’s top 100 now. I feel so much smarter for having done so! However, I have no one that I can talk to about them. Guess I need to move to L.A. and hang out with the art-house hipster crowd. Damn it, does that mean I have to buy those black rim glasses?

State of the Union

Okay, let’s put the monkeys back in the cage. Time for serious talk. First of all, I half-apologize for not updating this blog as much recently. I say “half-apologize” because I got so much done on my other stuff during that time. You see, it’s important to blog, but it’s even more important to write books and films. (At least for me it is.) Sometimes, I find myself spending so much time on my blog that I get much less done on my screenplays and books than I could if I weren’t blogging so much. So that’s what I’ve been doing, working on my stuff. But I thought I’d check in and let you know what I’ve been up to! So here we go.

Patryk Kizny Experimental Short Film

Patryk is one of Poland’s most cutting edge filmmakers. About a year and a half ago, I wrote about his amazing short film The Chapel. (Check out the article here.) Not only is The Chapel an artistic masterpiece, but Patryk also broke new technological ground in making it. The technology needed to create The Chapel didn’t exist when he set out to make it, so he had to help create the technology first. Rather than go into detail, check out The Making of The Chapel here. The film itself is embedded below.

Patryk is working on a new short film, and he has brought me onboard to help with some of the screenwriting involved. I’m very excited to work with him on this project, and can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m sure it will blow our minds. I can’t share any details yet, but I can say it is an experimental short film, and since Patryk is making it, it is guaranteed to be visually stunning and wonderful.

A Short eBook on Fitness

Okay, so I am no fitness expert. However, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months by changing my diet and working out with Kurt Lee Hurley, the fitness trainer from Baywatch. After I got in shape, so many of my friends asked me how I did it that I decided I would write a book on it. Hence this ebook which I am working on, which will chronicle my journey to getting fit.

Another Short Film

I went to an audition the other day, and as I was driving home, an idea blossomed in my mind. So as soon as I got home, I sat down and wrote a 15-page screenplay. (It took me about 3 or 4 hours.) It’s about an audition that isn’t really an audition but is a front for the Chinese Mafia to conduct some of their illegal activities. It’s mostly comedy, but it could also be called a thriller. (My comedic style is dry humor, so expect plenty of that.) It also has some martial arts in it (!). I’ve been wanting to do something with martial arts in it for a long time. But I didn’t really want to make a martial arts film until I had a good story for it. Now I’ve got a thriller which I feel has an interesting plot, and martial arts fits in logically to that plot. So I’m stoked!

I have several other projects that I’m working on, but those three are the ones that I’ve spent the most time on recently. I stuck a 3 x 5 card up in my office that says “Real Artists Ship!” This was a quote from the late Steve Jobs. I agree. What good is all the creativity and effort unless you get the final product is in front of people? So, while I believe in working on many projects at once, I am also going to focus on getting them finished. Which incidentally may stop me from doing tons of posts…however, I aim to provide quality over quantity, so please stick around! A huge “THANK YOU” to my loyal readers; I am always grateful for your comments and support! 🙂



  1. Daniel, congrats on the new work you’re doing. I completely understand on losing time on blogging. I’ve found myself doing quite a bit of that this week; especially with Worldcon starting tomorrow/today. Love The Chapel. Beautiful film. Thanks for posting it.

    1. Blogging is a great way for artists to get their work out there, but actually creating the work in the first place should always come first.

      Such a great film, isn’t it? I love Patryk’s work.

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