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Please help…!

I’ve started again to video blog. I’m open to feedback. Do video blogs or written articles seem to be more helpful? Or do you like them both? I’m in search of a good balance. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!



  1. I like the mix of written and video blogs. It shows your passion for both the visual and written word. And it gives me the opportunity to pick and choose depending on my mood. I know what you mean, I always feel like I don’t have enough time, and yet I still watch TV. I’ve gotten better about it, but the Olympics are killing me this week. I love sports!

    1. Well, I think the Olympics should qualify as an exception. I mean…the relentless pursuit of human perfection. Citius, Altius, Fortius!

      By the way, I recently read an article that said that writing used to be an Olympic sport!

  2. Hi Daniel. I think when it comes to posts I prefer the written blog. It’s what I’m more accustomed to, but to be honest I don’t think it matters in this case. You have great material so you’ll draw an audience.

    1. Thanks, Carla. I think what I’ll end up doing is more written stuff accentuated by a little bit of video blogging. We’ll see what happens! Either way I appreciate your support and great comments and feedback.

  3. todayiwatchedamovie · · Reply

    My internet connection at home is horrible, so written blogs are easier for me that way. It’s also easier to read at work when I’m supposed to be doing something else than it is to watch a video…but maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that part.

    I haven’t been getting email updates from your blog recently. Did you change something?

    1. Don’t worry; I won’t tell your boss. 🙂

      Hm…that’s weird. I did change the URL, but the old URL still works, and everything else should be the same. I wonder if there is anyone else having problems with their subscription. Maybe try re-subscribing again to see if that helps.

      Let me know if it works, and thanks for your feedback!

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