The Inner Battle – Remembering to Live It

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Lately, I’ve found that when I’ve floundered in life, it’s because I’ve found myself focusing too much of my attention to my Outer Battle, and not enough to the Inner Battle. It’s ironic that I wrote The Inner Battle less than two months ago, and yet I forget to apply it in my own life. The reason is simple: it’s human nature to focus on the external—that which is not nearly as important as the internal.

The message of The Inner Battle doesn’t come from me. It is an ageless lesson learned from myths, and in recent years, the movies. My Muse told to write it. All the credit goes to her. For some great further reading on the subject, check out The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler and The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. The Inner Battle is all about the Hero’s Journey, a concept from mythology made popular by Joseph Campbell.

Time and time again, I’ve proven in my own life that when I turn my attention back to my Inner Battle, invariable my Outer Battle takes care of itself. I personally believe it’s a more important key to success and happiness than any I’ve read about in success books.

Here it is, the wisdom of thousands of years of myths, and a century of cinema, compacted into 554 words.


by Daniel Bean


I’ve already won.

I don’t have a million dollars. I don’t have the girl of my dreams. I don’t have fame.

But I’ve already won. I’ve found my bliss.

As soon as Luke Skywalker realized that he was a true Jedi, like his father before him, the battle raging across the galaxy was already won.

As soon as Will Hunting realized that he could love and be loved, his battle was over.

As soon as Neo realized that he was the One, his foes were as good as dead.

“I’ve already won.”


We don’t realize it yet, but the heroes in the movies—they’re us.

The heroes in myth—us, too. We were born to be heroes. Not just to watch and read about the legends of heroes.

Those legends are about us.


Ever seen a tech company put out an ad looking for employees and calling them superheroes?

That’s a lie. (It’s also really annoying.)

Being a hero doesn’t have anything to do with who you work for, what kind of work you do, or how much money you make.

Being a hero has nothing to do with anything external.


Luke Skywalker had an outer journey: to overcome Darth Vader and the Empire.To stop them from ruling the galaxy.

Luke Skywalker also had an inner journey: to overcome the selfishness and evil within his own heart—the Dark Side that lurks in all of humanity—and to realize his true potential. He realized his potential when he realized this one truth:

I am a Jedi.

Will Hunting had an outer journey: to find his place in society and to find true love.

Will Hunting also had an inner journey: to allow himself to love and be loved.To believe that love is possible.

Neo had an outer journey: to save humanity from bondage.

Neo also had an inner journey: to believe in himself.To realize that he was not some office geek called Mr. Anderson sitting behind a computer all day. He was the One. An honest-to-goodness, certified badass.

That badass is you.

That badass is me.


Success is the outer trappings of achievement. Success is money, cars, homes, titles, awards, salaries, fame, fortune, women, power, beauty (external).

Bliss in inward: peace, happiness, power, clarity, courage, fearlessness, confidence, passion, spirit, beauty (internal.)

When we’ve found our bliss, we’ve already won.


We are like the heros in the movies. We think the battle is external, when it’s really internal.

Forget about the external battle.

The real battle is within.

The only real triumph is in your own heart.

Once you’ve won the battle in your heart, the battle raging on around you is already over.


So stop trying to be someone who you are not.

Stop worrying about if you make enough money to be respected by others.

Instead, respect yourself. And realize who are.

Stop trying to force the person you love to love you back.

Instead, start loving yourself.

Stop succumbing to society and who they tell you to be.

Instead, start being who you know you are.

Win the battle in your heart.

You are a Jedi.You are the One.You can love and be loved.

You are the most powerful being you know.

> You Can Help Spread the Word.

Once you’ve won your inner battle, the next step is to help others win theirs.

You can share this manifesto by sharing this link with those you feel might need some inspiration to overcome in their daily lives:

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You can also download the free ebook PDF version of The Inner Battle here.

Thanks for reading. May you come off conquerer in your own inner battle every day! And…may the force be with you.


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