Monologue {a short film}

Behold, a brand new short film!

I wrote about the excruciating experience of acting in this short film here. This was only my second time ever acting. My first time was in Brains Vs. Brawn, another short film I wrote and directed.

Monologue was made with the help of the exceptionally talented Travis Richins, who was director of photography. Stephanie Ball Jimenez’s acting was superb. Special thanks to Paulu and Diego Malit, whose help was also indispensible. All in all, we made this film with a bare-bones crew and a minimum of fanfare. I love filmmaking minus all the bullcrap. Overall, given my intentions with the film, I would say it was a success!



  1. I believed you!

    1. Thanks! That means my acting was a success. That’s good to hear!

      The paradox of acting is that to be effective one must not “act,” but be real.

  2. Wow! Because I know you, I have a new found respect for acting. From that performance I can see that you have to find a place to bare your soul in acting. To make the character come alive, you must bring yourself into the light. That takes courage. Well done!

    1. Thanks Ryan. Yes, it’s weird—people think acting is the art of being someone else, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. Truly great acting can only happen when you are being yourself. You have to tell the truth in acting. Ultimately, truth is at the center of all great art.

  3. I’ve had this post sitting in my inbox for ages, waiting for the right time to watch these short films and I must say…I’m pleasantly surprised and glad I finally found the time to watch. Excellent work!

    1. Thanks, Andy. It’s encouraging to hear people like them. I wrote another short film that I plan on shooting soon, and a feature film that I’m rewriting.

      I love short films, and plan to make a lot more, in spite of my goal to make 5 feature films.

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