Writer’s Nightmares

I’ve been working on a lot of content for y’all, I promise. (Sad that in the English language we have to resort to sounding like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel just to be able to address people in the second-person plural.)

So yeah, I’ve been having a ho down (spelling?!) with my work. But, if you can keep a secret….I’m going to launch an all-new blog soon, announce some major projects we’ll be working on, and launch a lot of stuff related to writing, filmmaking & general bliss-following. Wait a minute, did I just say “we?” Why, yes, I did. That’s because I want you to be part of the fun, too! My goal in life is to teleport you from your boring-ass, lamoid-job and turn you into the next Steven Spielberg or Stephen King. (Or hell, maybe even Steve Jobs! One of the three Steves will do just fine.) If I can do that with even one person, my mission on earth will have been accomplished. So stay tuned for details on how you can join the journey!

Hence, I have a lot of stuff I’m holding back on so it can be part of the successful launch. If you like the articles about battling our inner demons so we can actually create the art we dream of creating and follow our bliss, this new site will totally be for you. (And if you don’t like that stuff, what they $%&# are you doing here anyways?)

More on that to come…

For right now I thought I’d share a nightmare I had recently.

I awoke Tuesday morning in a cold sweat from the scariest dream I had had since the one where George Clooney was Batman (oh wait, that wasn’t a dream). In my crazy-ass dream, I hadn’t even launched my book yet, but people were already posting 1-star reviews for it on Amazon and railing on what a horrible piece of trash they thought it was. And since when I dream, I usually don’t realize I’m dreaming, I remember thinking, “Is that even possible? I haven’t even made the book public, for crying out loud! How can they do that?”

Lucky for me, it was all just a dream….but even if it wasn’t, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Seth Godin (otherwise known as that smart bald guy with glasses) made an excellent point in his book Tribes. He challenged us to go out and create stuff worth criticizing. Because when people start criticizing stuff that you do, you know you’ve done something: you’ve gotten their attention.

All-in-all, I’ll take the nightmare as a positive omen. When you start having nightmares about book reviews, you know that somehow, somewhere, the whole writing thing is seeping into your subconscious!

By the way, I’m reading Steven Pressfield’s new book Turning Pro. I would have started reading it earlier, but I wanted to read his other book Do the Work first. More on that later…

Have you ever had any nightmares about book reviews? Or, more broadly, do you have fears that people won’t like what you write?



  1. Hi Daniel. My writer’s nightmare is more a waking reality in which I’ll wake one morning and find I can’t write at all. That one day I’ll find the words just won’t come. That more than negative feedback, probably because I feel like I’m writing what I want to read and others interpret our work through their own experience.

    1. I hear you. Classic case of Resistance. It hits us all, every day. And that’s a good sign, because it means you’re doing something right.

      The cure? Steven Pressfield’s War of Art, Do the Work, and Turning Pro. Whenever I find myself caving in (which is pretty frequent I might add), I go back and read or re-read those books. I always find my batteries recharged and ready to kick Resistance’s ass.

  2. todayiwatchedamovie · · Reply

    Part of the reason my blog exists is to help me get over caring about what others think and simply write because I love writing.

    I hope I get to be a part of these exciting secretive things you’re working on!

    1. You will be! Resistance is futile. There is no escape.

  3. Andrew Ocean · · Reply

    A while ago I listened to an interview with some hollywood screenwriter(I think it was Jamie Vanderbilt who wrote Zodiac and the new Spiderman movie to name a couple.) He said sometimes when he writes the overwhelming fear comes to him that says ‘I hope I’m not a complete idiot and what I’m writing is just useless crap.’
    My problem is I know I’m writing useless crap and I fear that nothing inspiring will come to me(which I’ve been discovering that the more I just write and let the crap come out the more little nuggets of inspiration come too.)
    When it comes to nightmares I don’t have any about writing. I just have dreams that I’m laying in bed and wake up to find a creepy looking child(a la The Grudge) is standing in my doorway watching me which causes me to really wake up in a cold sweat and see that there’s nobody there.

    1. LOL I haven’t seen the Grudge. That’s a creepy nightmare though.

      As far as the fear you are referring to, it has a name: Resistance! I love how in War of Art, he says that the Muses respect people who show up every day and do the work. Like you said, as you just keeping doing it, the nuggets of inspiration come in their own due time. Don’t be afraid to write crap! Seek to create something worth criticizing, like Seth Godin says.

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