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Why It Is Completely Possible to Create an Excellent Film for $500 or Less

Yesterday, I just announced my crazy-ass goal to the world of creating 5 films and 5 novels in 5 years. Today I will debunk the myth that you need money in order to create, a concept I go into detail about in my book Smashing Limits, which will be launching soon. (This applies to virtually […]

Video Blog: About “5 Years. 5 Novels. 5 Films.”

5 Years. 5 Novels. 5 Films.

I like setting big, stupidly crazy-ass goals. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because secretly I’m a megalomaniac? Maybe because life gets tedious and boring without them? Maybe because I’m f$%-ed up in the head? Whatever the reason is, on January 1, 2011 I declared publicly “2011 will be the year that people everywhere will see […]

The Inner Battle – Remembering to Live It

Lately, I’ve found that when I’ve floundered in life, it’s because I’ve found myself focusing too much of my attention to my Outer Battle, and not enough to the Inner Battle. It’s ironic that I wrote The Inner Battle less than two months ago, and yet I forget to apply it in my own life. […]

Monologue {a short film}

Behold, a brand new short film! I wrote about the excruciating experience of acting in this short film here. This was only my second time ever acting. My first time was in Brains Vs. Brawn, another short film I wrote and directed. Monologue was made with the help of the exceptionally talented Travis Richins, who […]

When You Know Your Purpose, Everything Changes

“When we turn pro, everything becomes simple. Our aim centers on the ordering of our days in such a way that we overcome the fears that have paralyzed us in the past.” – Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro I’ve been reading Turning Pro, the new book by Steven Pressfield, and sequel to The War of Art […]

Writer’s Nightmares

I’ve been working on a lot of content for y’all, I promise. (Sad that in the English language we have to resort to sounding like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel just to be able to address people in the second-person plural.) So yeah, I’ve been having a ho down (spelling?!) with my work. But, if you can […]