Quickie: 36,000 Words Down, 1 Week to Go

I’m sure you needed your quick fix of Daniel today, and I needed to report my progress on my novel. Hence, this “quickie.”

About three weeks ago, I set out to write a novel in 30 days, before my 35th birthday on June 19th.

Right now I’m sitting at 36,686 words out of a target of 50,000 words. 

Above is the Project Targets window from Scrivener. I absolutely love the Scrivener app. It’s changed everything for me as a writer. This is just one of the many things I love about it. You can set a target date (June 18th for me), tell it which days of the week you’ll be writing, your overall word count goal, and it will calculate your daily goal for you. It will keep that goal updated daily if you write more or less than your daily target. I started at 1,500 words a day, and I actually missed a few days, so as you can see, my target has slipped to needing 2,356 words a day. But if I crank out 1,000 extra words, which I plan to do today, it will readjust and get that daily target back down.

A couple of lessons I’ve learned:

1. The numero uno most important lesson of all time: JUST F*$%-ING DO IT!!!!!!

2. Refer to number uno.

But really, I’ve learned so much about novel-writing that I never would have if I hadn’t challenged myself. Just think, if I crank out a novel each month, how good of a writer will I be in a year from now?

By the way, I deliberately chose not to wait for a group writing experience like NaNoWriMo. (What is Nanoowrimmejiggy? It’s where people around the word write a novel in the month of November) Why? Quite simply, because:

(1) I’m a nonconformist. I do my own f&*%-ing thing


(2) IMPATIENCE is a virtue

Later, I’ll probably go into more detail about some of the specific things I’ve learned, but for now I need to get back to writing. And besides, you can learn everything yourself if you start following your passions every day as well. So what are you waiting for? Be impatient. Start living your dreams now!



  1. Great job! Go Go Go! So is going to be book #2 in the RoboGirl Series?

    1. Thanks Miles! Actually, this will be book number one and includes the beginning. But I think it’s going to take a few rewrites to get it down. so in the meantime i may just keep publishing one episode at a time to keep the interest building. i guess i just need to decide on a plan and just stick with it. but i definitely will reward my readers. maybe give out some free episodes or something. stay tuned.

  2. It’s exactly as you put it. The hardest part is definitely getting to it.

    1. Totally is. That’s what I love about the book War of Art! It kicked me in the butt and got me writing.

      Thanks Joe 🙂

  3. Andrew Ocean · · Reply

    Reading your blog is always a wake up call. I admire how much you’re always doing. It removitates me to actually do something. Do do do
    You’re the man!

    1. Thanks Andrew, I appreciate it.

      Do you remember that time a few months ago when I told you about Script Frenzy? Well I decided that day (halfway through March) that I was going to write my novel in 2 weeks. Oops. A major belly flop on that one. But at least now I am finally getting it done! Two quotes I have hanging in my room are “Follow Your Bliss” and “Whatever It Takes.” Even when I don’t always live by those quotes, they are always there, staring me in the face as a reminder.

      Thanks for your comment! Let’s go make some movies!

      1. Andrew Ocean · ·

        Writing is the bane of my existence. My brain goes into self-destruct mode whenever I try to write.
        I’m going to email you some amazing tid-bits I got from a Robert Rodriguez interview with Creative screenwriting. You might have already read it but I’ll send it anyway.
        Oh and love those quotes in your room.
        Yes, let’s make some movies.

      2. Andrew,

        You need to read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It will explain why you go into self-destruct mode. We all do. More importantly, it will tell you how to defeat it. It’s the single most important book any filmmaker can ever read, period.

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