1. todayiwatchedamovie · · Reply

    Wow. What a crazy view inside your head. I enjoyed reading this. Good to know you’re making progress on your novel! I’ve been wondering how it’s going.

    1. Thanks man. I think. lol.

      Sometimes it’s fun to just write with reckless abandon. My novel will be a lot more polished than this post, though. We all hope, right? hahah

      1. I guess the ultimate question is: does what is inside my head actually make any sense? Or is it just a jumble of mass confusion?

  2. There’s really a little too much to answer to LOL but the point about the lack of originality in art stood out the most. It’s like a lot of people forget art begets art. Everything has roots.

    1. LOL Yes, I agree, my mind monkeys went a little wild on this one. But hey, if one part of it is sticking out to you, that means that was the part that was meant for you! (It’s kind of a shotgun approach to inspiration.)

      Roots. That’s a great paradigm. In the book Steal Like An Artist, Kleon gets into a whole wonderfully eye-opening spiel on the artist’s pedigree. (Pedigree…we’re like dogs! Is it better to be like a dog or a plant? I guess a dog, because then dyslexic people may mistake you for being a god.)

      Thanks for your comment, Joe!

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