Monthly Archives: June 2012

What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passions? [Part 2: Five Ways To Be Courageous]

Almost a month ago, I posted an article, What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passions? Part 1 (of a three-part series). In it, I used some pretty extreme examples including sex and chocolate cake. (Why does that remind me of so-called “Better-Than-Sex Cake” and how ridiculous a name that is? Sorry, the Mind Monkeys […]

Lessons I Learned From Writing a Novel in 30 Days

I did it! I finished my novel in 30 days. I set out to write a complete novel by my 35th birthday, June 19th, 2012. And I completed. I slew the dragon. Now I get to share what I’ve learned with you. It was a very eye-opening, arduous, and fun adventure. I learned so much […]

Quickie: 36,000 Words Down, 1 Week to Go

I’m sure you needed your quick fix of Daniel today, and I needed to report my progress on my novel. Hence, this “quickie.” About three weeks ago, I set out to write a novel in 30 days, before my 35th birthday on June 19th. Right now I’m sitting at 36,686 words out of a target […]

Artist or…Eeeek! Marketer?

I’ve been keeping a journal, and besides just writing about what I did each day, I allow it to be a record of my thoughts (kind of like this blog, which I wouldn’t be able to sustain without the help of my well-trained mind-monkeys.) This post started its life as a journal entry about something […]

The Inner Battle: How To Win Every Day – Free eBook

My readers have been so good to me, I decided to give something back. I’ve made The Inner Battle: How To Win Every Day, a free download. The Inner Battle is the shortest, and hopefully the most important ebook you’ll ever read. When lived, it will give you the courage to win your inner battles […]