Nuts In a Blender: Creating Personal Art

daniel bean films monologue shoot

I just got done with 6 hours of excruciating pain.

No, I wasn’t at the dentist’s office, and there was no Iron Man triathlon today. What I was doing was much more difficult: I was turning my heart inside out for the world to see.

I decided to do what I didn’t want to do: share a personal story inspired by true events in my life and things I care about.

I didn’t want to, but I felt that I must do it.


Two reasons…

  1. The thing that is hardest for you to do is the thing that you must do
  2. That which is most personal is also most universal

I wrote the short film “Monologue” based on an turning point in my life. It’s a turning point probably all of us guys have gone through at one point in our lives. Or maybe at several points. I was about being rejected by a girl.

All turning points suck while we are going through them. Only afterwards do we realize how truly necessary they were.

The only way to make it through a turning point is by becoming a new person.

Life has a tendency of putting us in situations where we must evolve or die. There is no returning, no looking back. We must choose to either be transformed or to become detritus to be washed up on the shores of life.

On the other hand…

Today was a lot of fun and a learned a lot!

I know that sounds stupid of me to take something so seriously and so light-heartedly at the same time. But that’s how we have to look at life. It’s all just one big learning experience.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

So what did I learn?

That acting is f#@*-ing hard work.

And I learned that true art doesn’t have anything to do with ego. In fact, to create true art, we must sacrifice our ego on the burning altar.We must sacrifice the comfort and convenience of keeping our emotions and our hearts comfortably hidden behind a wall beyond which the world may not see—a wall the non-artist takes for granted, but which is a luxury the artist cannot afford.

What is something hard that you’ve had to do, but which was truly rewarding?

Come on people, I want to hear your personal experiences!

(*disclaimer: the above sentence may be considered a form of comment-fishing)

Special thanks for the hard work and efforts of Travis Richins Productions, Stephanie Jimenez, Paulu, and Diego. They made today’s shoot a success.



  1. I think writing anything deeply personal is very difficult but rewarding. It has obvious potential for catharsis but also lets people see the most relatable part of your life — as you said, what is most personal is most universal. Congrats on writing from a personal experience and getting those feelings and thoughts brought to life on film!

    1. Thanks, Summer. I think when we share things that are sacred to us, we get more fulfillment out of our art and our life. That’s what draws me to the arts: the ability to cross boundaries and connect with people about what’s most important. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

      1. Absolutely agree! =)

  2. I’d love to see the film. You make it sound heart wrenching and compelling, and if you act like you write it should be superb and poignant.

    1. Why thank you! I hope my acting is that good. I will definitely post it once the film launches. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

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