An awesome list of favorite writing books. Even if you are not a writer, check out the books on journaling. I believe journaling is one of the keys to being more powerful.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Lisa J. Jackson and I were talking about our favorite writing books recently. There are some books that I have read over and over again because I learn something new every time, and there are books that I have only recently found, but have gotten me excited to go to the page. Those are the books I buy rather than download to my Kindle because they sit on the bookshelves in my office like old friends ready to start a new conversation any time I wish. Lisa feels the same way about her faves, so we thought we’d share them with you.


Diane’s List

  1. Bird By Bird, by Anne LamottBird By Bird, by Anne Lamotte. This is the first writing book I reach for when I’m having doubts about myself as a writer or just need inspiration. It’s so funny and fun, and full of practical tips. It’s worth it for the poem by…

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  1. This blog is one of my favorites and makes me think I should start a similar effort with a local writer’s group.

    1. Awesome! As Nike says “Just do it!” I love writer’s group. My life has changed since a few writer friends and I started meeting on a regular basis to talk about our writing and following our dreams. Way to go Charlene!

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