Nerd Alert: I Just Bought My Tickets for Marvel’s Avengers

Last week, in my post “Never Tell Me the Odds,” I confessed to the utter nerdality of having read the Simarillion in high school. But it’s okay to be a nerd, right? It’s all about the neo-nerd hipster movement.

What happened to Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch? I didn’t see them in the trailer. Their brother/sister love affair was on par with Luke and Leia

Now that Avengers is finally hitting the movie theaters, I must confess my nerdly love affair with the Avengers. Many years before Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America had their own movies, I read the first few volumes of the original Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Avengers (that’s right, from the 1960’s) For neophytes, Stan Lee is the guy who makes a cameo in every Marvel film. He also created most of the Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, The Hulk, etc.

The Ultimates

I also read the first two seasons of The Ultimates. Again, for neophytes, The Ultimates is the much-lauded 2002 reboot of The Avengers. It is the version of the Avengers which seems to be most closely followed in the films Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, and from what I’ve seen so far, The Avengers.

The Ultimates is my favorite American comic book series ever. It succeeds on so many levels. Reading it is more like watching a film that reading a comic book, in no small part because of Bryan Hitch’s amazing ability to draw the scenes and make it look like a big-budget, well-made film. (I say well-made because big-budget by no means guarantees well-made.) And Mark Millar’s compelling story and characters are superb. It makes you feel that if The Avengers really existed in our modern world, this is what their lives would be like. I feel it’s written more for adults than kids. (Plus I’m a huge Avenger’s fanboy, so that probably distorts and swells my adoration. But still, it was good. I don’t like all American comics. Many just don’t succeed on an intellectual level.)

I can’t wait. I am a true Avengers Nerd—this movie was made for me.  I really hope Joss Whedon has managed to stay true to the spirit of the Avengers while also making a good movie. That last part is important. I feel that superhero films like Batman Begins and Captain America succeeded because first and foremost they succeeded as films in their own right. And they did this while staying true to the spirit of the characters they were about.

Who is your favorite hero? Are you going to watch the Avengers?

If not, stop following this blog right now! Just kidding. Mostly. 🙂


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