Why Climb The Creative Ladder When You Can Own It?

To my fellow artists and creative people (who usually find “self-help” books boring), I ask of you…

“Why climb the creative ladder when you can own the creative ladder?”

Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad wrote “Why climb the ladder when you can own the ladder?” Or something like that. I’m not gonna go look it up, because that’s beside the point.

Kiyosaki was talking about climbing corporate ladders and suggesting that instead we all become our own real estate companies. I say screw real estate. That’s the most boring thing to me that I could think of doing.


I will own the ladder of my creativity. In this short (7 minutes! Yikes!) video I talk about that. And then face plant in the end. It’s quite entertaining, if informative.

And before you watch it, here’s the quote I mentioned in the video, but it was from another book by Scott Nicholson called The Indie Journey, which I also highly recommend if you aspire to write. (Even if you’re not a writer, I think everyone should write a book at some point in their lives)

“One of the happiest discoveries was that I no longer toiled as a temp worker in the ‘publishing industry,’ but instead I owned the “Scott Nicholson industry.” As I took more responsibility for my work, my life, and my creative happiness, the universe made a place for it.

– Scott Nicholson

…great quote! Now watch the friggin’ video. And then….What are your thoughts on owning your own creative ladder?


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