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The Self-Sabotaging Word “Aspiring”

What do you dream of doing? Writing? Filmmaking? Painting? Theatre? Well stop dreaming, and just do it. That’s the message of Jeff Goin’s You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). If you haven’t head of Jeff Goins, I recommend checking out his blog. He’s got a lot of cool stuff on there and a free […]

To My Brother: How Do I Know What My Passions Are?

My brother Miles commented on my last post, What Does It Mean to Follow Your Passions? (Part 1), with this worry, which I think a lot of people may share: “I’m still not sure if I’m following my passion or what it is! I guess I need to give this some thought!” Have you ever had this […]

What Does It Mean to Follow Your Passions? [Part 1: Passion Vs Desire]

We talk a lot about doing what you love, and following your passions. What do these things mean? One could answer, “I love making a lot of money,” or “I love having sex.”Does this mean that one can be following their passions by seeking after money and sex? While these answers seem ridiculous, I have […]

Nuts In a Blender: Creating Personal Art

I just got done with 6 hours of excruciating pain. No, I wasn’t at the dentist’s office, and there was no Iron Man triathlon today. What I was doing was much more difficult: I was turning my heart inside out for the world to see. I decided to do what I didn’t want to do: […]

On The RoboGirl eBook Series

RoboGirl Episode 1 on Amazon

The Battle is On

As I talked about in my last post, entitled The Fury of Resistance, I’m endeavoring to do something quite irrational and stupid: I’m writing a novel in 30 days. Why? Because I decided before I turn 35 I’m going to have accomplished at least that. Heck, I started writing my first novel (The Continued Adventures of […]

The Fury of Resistance

Last week I was feeling pretty high. I had just finished the first draft of the manuscript of my first non-fiction book: a memoir of how I smashed through all sorts of barriers in my life in the last few months, including losing 40 pounds, finally starting to follow my dreams that I had given […]

Professional Author: Income 35 Cents

I’m like 7-Eleven. I may not being doing business 24/7, but I’m always open. That’s right folks. I’ve made my first 35 cents as a published author! (Still trying to figure out how to hang it on the wall like restaurants do with the first dollar they make.) So far, according to KDP (Kindle Direct […]

Wonderful post by fellow writer Joe Pineda. I was feeling a bit of number #2 as I hashed out my “ten key scenes” as per Victoria Schmidt’s Book In A Month. It’s amazing how much you learn about what you don’t know once you sit down to create a world and characters to fill that […]

RoboGirl: It’s Hard Not To Fall In Love A Girl Who Can Kick The Terminator’s Ass

Today I start my 30 days to finish my RoboGirl novel. It’s a cyberpunk action love story. You can find the original short story it is based off of on Amazon, here. It’s about 25 pages, so just short of being a novelette. It’s been updated and expanded with a peek into where the novel […]