Become Your Dream Self

What is your ‘Dream Self?’ It’s a concept I came up with while writing a screenplay (which was about a novelist—go figure). However, I found that it applies BIG TIME to real life. (Don’t you love my advanced writer’s vocab? I thought so.)



Quite simply, your dream self is you long to be. More precisely it’s the REAL YOU, that longs to get out.

If someone could wave a magic wand and let you be whoever you wanted to be, this would be the person you would choose to be. Well guess what, you don’t need anyone to give you permission, and you definitely don’t need a magic wand, you just need to get off your lazy ass and start being who you dream of being.

‘Get off my lazy ass?’ You say? Yes, I just told you to get off your lazy ass. But it’s okay because what I say to others I say to myself: ‘Get off my freaking lazy ass, Daniel. You’ve come this far—so what? If I don’t keep fighting every day to make my dreams a reality, it will all amount to nothing.”

So neither of us are off the hook.

I have a friend who dreams of being a TV writer. You know, those guys who write sitcoms and comedies? And yet he never lifts a finger ever to write. If you want to be a TV writer, don’t wait for a graven invitation from the TV networks. You make your own damn success.



Resistance. Most people are its slaves. Overcome Resistance and become your dream self. All it takes is action every day, regardless of how small that action is. Everything happenss organically, gradually, like getting a six pack.

If you aren’t DOING what your dream self does every day, guess what? You’ll never become that dream self. You’ll turn 70 and think “Oh sh*%, what the hell did I do with my life? I wanted to be a painter, I wanted to be a singer, I wanted to be [insert your dream here] But I never took 5 freaking minutes of my time to pursue that.” What the fu%&? No one else is going to make your dreams come true. That’s up to you.

The good news is that you don’t need any special license to be whatever you want to be. I watched a video in which Jeff Goins, the author of the Writer’s Manifesto, said that one day someone asked him what he would ideally like to be doing if he could do anything. To which he replied “I’d like to be a writer.” The person then told him “Jeff, you don’t need anyone’s permission to be a writer, just be a writer.” (Paraphrasing) He said from that day forward, he just started being a writer. Now he has one of the top writing blogs.

Here’s a quote from a book which I consider requiring reading for living, War of Art, and it’s about being your dream self.  The author, Steven Pressfield, refers to what I call ‘dream self’ as our ‘self-in-potential.’ But it’s the same thing.

We’re facing dragons too. Fire-breathing griffins of the soul, whom we must outfight and outwit to reach the treasure of our self-in-potential and to release the maiden who is God’s plan and destiny for ourselves and the answer to why we were put on this planet. 

So stop being miserable and starting being your dream self. All it takes is consistent action every day, however small. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day to begin with.

….alright, I always forget this part, so here we go: what are your thoughts on being your ‘dream self’? Do you like my post? Hate it? Cyberspace is a free country. Leave your thoughts below.



  1. I just came across your blog and I have to agree with you 100 percent. We complain to much about how we are unhappy but we don’t really take a few minutes everyday to do what we want, to be who we want. Who is stopping us? Only us. I remind myself to be my “dream self” everyday but sometimes it’s just easier said than done.

    1. Very true, Summer. It’s true that it’s easier said than done. Definitely not impossible though. For many years I gave into excuses and did not follow my passions. It wasn’t until I read Steven Pressfield’s War of Art that I truly started living my dream life every day. That’s because that book explains that we all have to battle this very powerful negative force within ourselves that he calls “Resistance.” Once we start overcoming in the battle with Resistance every day, even with small victories, amazing things start happening in our lives.
      Thanks so much for your contribution!

  2. Reblogged this on The Intuitive Group, Inc. on Personal Growth & Leadership and commented:
    Very eloquently written my friend. I enjoyed this article very much!

    1. Thanks! I love your blog and what you are doing with it.

      I’ve been thinking a lot about the focus of my blog, and I want it to be more specifically about following your dreams and art, rather than entrepreneurship. (Although admittedly many of the principles overlap and apply to both.) So I want to be true to that idea and to my readers and narrow down the focus of this blog. I look forward to continuing reading your blog however. Thanks for sharing!

  3. todayiwatchedamovie · · Reply

    I’ve seen you recommend that book twice already. I’m getting a copy as soon as I can. Yours is one of my favorite blogs, I must say.

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂

      Yes, if you only read one book out of all the ones I recommend on this site, definitely make it War of Art. It is completely life changing. The reason why, for me anyways, is that it helped me see that I was giving into what he calls “Resistance” and not really following my passions like I should every day. Once I read that book, I have been following my bliss every day.

      Thanks again for sharing!

  4. You already know this, but I love it! But what I especially love is how you can talk about something motivational and repeatedly kick my ass while making me smile as you do it.

    1. Hahhaha. Where is the freaking “like” button on WordPress? Thanks Ryan. Mostly I just kick my own ass because I want to do better, and in the process I share the ass kicking with my followers as a bonus 🙂

  5. Great post. I think that we all have those epiphanies at some time or another if we’re self-aware. I remember running across an old notepad a few years ago. I hadn’t seen the thing in probably ten years. It happened to be at the bottom of an old trunk, so I dug it out and started reading through it. Behold! I had written a note to myself. It said: Dear Carla, I hope you’re not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. If you are, you should have your butt kicked. Get up, get out, do something with yourself. Please make me proud. — Carla
    Weird huh?

    1. Awesome note to self. I think we all need that note from time to time. Thanks for sharing!

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