Shout-Out: Writer Ryan Trimble, Discovering Rebel

Well, I’ve probably done enough self-promotion on this blog over the last year to last several lifetimes for other bloggers. So I figure it’s time to spread the love. 

Seriously, though folks. This shout-out goes to a new blogger on the scene who is going to make a serious difference in the world. I don’t know if anyone will ever give a sh$% about my Dance Robot series or my rambling about filmmaking, but regardless of who is giving a sh$% about what, Ryan Trimble’s writings matter. Why? Because they are about true life. Whose life? His own.

As I mentioned in a comment on his blog post, it takes a huge pair of cajones to man up and be as honest and authentic about his life as Ryan has.

Although the closest I ever got to drug addiction was binging on Domino’s Pizza every Saturday, I know that if I had been through what Ryan has been through, I don’t know that I’d have what it takes to come public about it.

True men are defined by not by acts of machismo, but by acts of courage. And I have rarely ever seen an act of courage like Ryan’s.

I feel like I have learned more about life by reading Ryan’s post. So please, take a couple minutes and check out what he has to say. It has the power to change your life if you let it.

Ryan Trimble can be found at

By the way, Ryan and I happened to go to high school together. Orem High ’95. Tigers all the way, baby.



  1. You know the great thing about honesty? It spreads. YOU have inspired me to live more honestly and pursue my passions in life. If I have now done the same for you, you can thank yourself. It just came back around is all.

    1. That’s karma for you. But I still think what I do is nothing compared to what you do. Can’t wait for you to get the book published. You’re going to change a lot of people’s lives!

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