Presenting Dance Robot – “Geek Love” in the Future

Dance Robot BookDavid Copenhagen, robo-whiz kid extraordinaire, has solved every mystery in the universe. Except how this contraption called “female” works…

This is a story idea that I’ve been kicking around for almost a year now. (Check out the video below where I talk about Dance Robot’s inception.) Now it is finally published! You can go download your copy now on Smashwords!

The Dance Robot universe is actually a much larger concept which I am writing a novel about right now.

Yes, I am a filmmaker, so why am I writing a novel? Because I’d be stupid not to! I have all these big plans for films, and I finally realized that it makes much more sense to write them as novels first (which requires no budget and much less time) AND THEN to make the films out of them. That way they will already have a fan base before the movie ever hits the theaters.

Heck, even George Lucas came out with a novel version of Star Wars in 1976 before he released the first Star Wars film in 1977.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty served as the inspiration for the obnoxious little sidekick in the story, Cute Kitty

This book was made possible by the efforts of many people. Special thanks to authors Ryan Trimble and Dan Purdon with whom I had several focus group sessions and who both had excellent suggestions which helped to strengthen and clarify the story.

Also special thanks to Hello Kitty, who served as the inspiration for Dance Robot’s obnoxious little holographic sidekick, Cute Kitty.

And a most special thank you to Camilla Hahn who shared some very astute insights into the story when it was still in its infancy, and also for serving at the “prototype” for the Dance Robot.

So download the e-book Dance Robot, check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below.



  1. NIce! Living the dream!

    1. Yes, my philosophy is to live life 100% “balls out.” Unless you’re a woman. Then I’m not sure what my philosophy would be. Maybe “boobs out?” Now I’ve painted myself into a metaphorical corner. Shite.

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