Resolutions, Part Deux

Continuing where I left off the other day…

Now that we are a little ways into the year most people have forgotten about that little word “resolution.” Ergo, this is the perfect time time to talk about them. Bettering ourselves shouldn’t be something we think about once a year, it should be something we think about every day.

By the way, something I failed to mention last time but which has to do with the subject is that from October of 2011 to February of 2012 I lost close to 40 pounds and am now in the best shape of my life. This wasn’t a “resolution.” I got into better shape because I wanted to be, and I never once thought “I’m going to make a resolution.” Instead, I just did it. Ironically using the word “resolution” almost guarantees that we aren’t actually “resolved” to actually achieve anything. So maybe we should stop talking about things that we want to achieve and go back to (or start) actually doing them! Isn’t that a thought? (That begs the question “Then why am I writing this blog post? I should go back to writing my novel!” Okay, okay, I’ll be brief. 🙂 )

An experience I thought quite peculiar is that in a meeting at my church on New Year’s day this year, the teacher asked everyone to say what their resolutions were. I live near a neighborhood full of affluent people (oh the irony!). For some odd reason, almost every one of them said that their New Year resolution was—and I kid you not—to “get more color.” Now, whether these people were just holding their cards close to their chests and are about to become the next winners of the Nobel prize, or whether their greatest aspiration in life really is to be tan, I do not know. What I do know was how ridiculous that was to sit in a room of people with vast amounts of material possessions and to hear them all say that the most important thing they can do this year is to “get more color.” (Not that there is anything wrong with getting a tan…with my pasty white complexion, I’m sure I could stand to get a little more color myself, but it is far from being my most important goal to focus on this year! Or maybe that’s just it; all these guys have already achieved everything they want to in life and have solved world hunger and cured cancer and now are ready for a breather…)


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