You Too Can Make Annoying Video Journal Entries – And That’s a Good Thing

Okay, so not that long ago I blogged about how I’m doing the Video Regeneration Workshop from the book Naked Lens by Michael Sean Kaminsky. Just thought I’d post an update as to how that’s going.

Here’s a snippet from my journal that I wrote about my experience so far:

“Video Journaling and the approach it forces us to take of critically thinking about our own lives not only causes us to live a fuller, more meaningful life, but also creates indispensable resources for the artist. When writing stories, directing fiction films and documentaries, when acting, when editing, being a person who can view life in an enlightened and understanding way makes all the difference. Yes, video journaling, when done right, as this book teaches, is a path of enlightenment. The most important knowledge is self-knowledge. And I can think of very few methods to learn about oneself that are more effective than video journaling.”

I purposefully chose the most annoying video journal entry I could find (I’m eating and talking the whole time) to share for two reasons. (1) Video journals are private, and to show how liberating it is to be able to confide your personal experiences and feelings without the stifling concern of what others will think, and (2) nobody reads this blog anyways, so what the f$%*. So here goes nothing


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