Be Yourself.

So today I read War of Art for a little while. I’m about halfway through. After reading it, I realized I had been avoiding writing new material in my novel for a while. I got excited about just doing it. So I started writing. I wrote about six pages. It felt good. I like what I wrote. Not perfect, but there is definitely something there. It is very soul-purging writing about feelings that I’ve had in real-life and fictionalizing them. Not everything in the story or about the character is exactly the same as me or my situation. But enough of it intersects that I can put a lot of my own sentiments into the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist. I like it. I get free therapy while at the same time creating something of worth that others can read and perhaps get a glimpse into my soul, and maybe even into their own souls. I think everyone, instead of seeing therapists, should take up writing. The world would be a much better place, and we’d all understand each other much better. When you are sitting there with a shrink, real communication doesn’t happen. But somehow, paradoxically, when you write about things that are not real, then your real self comes out. It’s great.

Crazy enough, as I wrote this in my journal, the random quote my journal program displayed at the top of the page (I use the Day One app on the my Mac) seemed custom-tailored to exactly what I was writing about:

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.”
– John Jakes


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