A Quickie

This time instead of trying to do all the thinking, I’ll share a couple of thoughts out of my journal, and leave them open to your interpretation. Ultimately that’s all this blog is intended to be, a way to share some of my thoughts about life in order to hopefully encourage others to think for themselves about their lives. I think that’s really the definition of art, and if I can do that with my art, and with this blog, I’ve succeeded.

From my journal:

I have to laugh everyday because of the absurdity of life.

I think God wants our lives to be absurd. If they weren’t absurd, we wouldn’t learn nearly as much.

This life is like the Matrix. After this life is over, we go back to where were are really from.

I won’t try to explain what I meant. I think these scribblings can have a different meaning to each person who reads them. If you feel so inspired, share your thoughts in the comments below!




  1. Check out the site We Feel Fine. I think you’d like the montage function in particular. It pairs pictures mined from blogs with lines very much like these. I asked my students if they felt it was art. What do you think?.

    1. Checked it out. I’ll be honest: the site is a little too “cutesy” for my tastes. But then, too each their own. I guess that reveals a little bit of my close-mindedness. Oh well. Thanks for the comment though! Just knowing that people are reading keeps me motivated to keep this site going! 🙂

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