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“Never Tell Me the Odds”

From Empire Strikes back: C-3PO: Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Han Solo: Never tell me the odds. So…what’s the point? Well first, Han Solo is the pimp-daddy of the galaxy. (I need to get me some pants like his.) But more importantly, I think Han Solo […]

Following Your Passions and Blog Interaction

Become Your Dream Self

What is your ‘Dream Self?’ It’s a concept I came up with while writing a screenplay (which was about a novelist—go figure). However, I found that it applies BIG TIME to real life. (Don’t you love my advanced writer’s vocab? I thought so.) DREAM SELF   Quite simply, your dream self is you long to […]

Originally posted on 50 Year Project:
At the London Book Fair I attended many presentations on self-publishing.  The companies sounded great and one purported an 80% return.  That’s music to my ears. At one point during a presentation I remembered a time when one of my friends attended a presentation on selling knives.  I don’t know…

Where Dance Robot Is Headed

Dance Robot is available for download on the Amazon Kindle Store

Dance Robot Now on Amazon Kindle Store!

My e-book Dance Robot is now available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle Store! Check it out here!

Shout-Out: Writer Ryan Trimble, Discovering Rebel

Well, I’ve probably done enough self-promotion on this blog over the last year to last several lifetimes for other bloggers. So I figure it’s time to spread the love.  Seriously, though folks. This shout-out goes to a new blogger on the scene who is going to make a serious difference in the world. I don’t […]

Shout-Out: Writer Joe Pineda, Bard of Steel

I just got done reading The Contract, an excellent piece of flash fiction by fellow author/blogger Joe Pineda. (His blog is called Bard of Steel.) It’s a very quick read, and I highly recommend it. His prose is terse and packs a punch. I especially like his use of metaphor and simile: “He was like […]

Presenting Dance Robot – “Geek Love” in the Future

David Copenhagen, robo-whiz kid extraordinaire, has solved every mystery in the universe. Except how this contraption called “female” works… This is a story idea that I’ve been kicking around for almost a year now. (Check out the video below where I talk about Dance Robot’s inception.) Now it is finally published! You can go download […]