Documentary Mishmash: Super Size Me meets Waste Land

My friend Ryan Grassley has outdone himself. First of all, let me just say that Ryan should be working in Hollywood as a voice actor. I have no idea what he’s doing in Panama! Ryan was the star of my short animated film Death Pad. He is Light. Check it out, then keeping reading below. (That’s an order!)

Shortly after starring in Death Pad, Ryan moved to Panama, where currently resides. In the forest. Hanging out with monkeys. (You can tell I’m jealous.)

Ryan is also a professional video blogger. His YouTube Channel, Half Throttle, has almost 9,000 followers, and his videos have been viewed over 6 million times. (His videos are hilarious. Check out his hilarious Honest Harley Davidson Commercial.)

Just a few days ago, Ryan posted a seriously awesome video on his YouTube Channel, which in my mind, is much more than just a video—it’s a short documentary film. One that has a message. And a heart. Loads better than most of the short films I’ve watched at festivals. I immediately told Ryan—hey, you gotta submit this thing to festivals. You’ve got an important message to share, and it needs to be heard.

This short doc not only has heart, but it’s got humor. Here Ryan is in a foreign country, and he’s helping out the natives, and he does it with none other than….McDonald’s food! Having lived out of the country myself, and knowing what a symbol of America McDonald’s is, I found it both ironic and hilarious. Of course, if you’ve watched Super Size Me, you know how detrimental old Ronald McDonald can be to your health. So this short film that Ryan has made is one that’s both inspiring AND that is able to poke fun at itself. That’s actually a rare blend, I think.

Ryan’s film also reminded me a heck of a lot of Waste Land, an Academy Award nominated documentary about trash pickers in the largest land fill in the world, in Rio de Janeiro. I posted about it a while back, because I feel that film has a very uplifting, inspiring message. And so does Ryan’s. Plus it’s funny watching a gringo feed Big Macs to needy people. I know that shouldn’t be funny…I really do feel for these people and their plight. So I hope I can be forgiven for my irreverence. But sometimes irreverence is what makes people want to actually watch a film to begin with. So if you can inspire people to a good cause by using a little irreverence, so be it! Whatever it takes, right?

So without further ado, enjoy 20 Hamburguesa’s, a short film by Ryan Grassley. (And you didn’t even have to wait for it to hit the festival circuit!) (Note: After the video starts, click on “CC” for English subtitles.)


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