FanCulture Documentary + 1,000 True Fans = Win

1,000 true Fans

I’ve recently been doing some studying on fans. Here’s what it boils down to: for you to make a living as an artist, you really only need 1,000 true fans. What is a true fan, you ask? Someone who, every time you come out with a new work of art, purchases it. If each true fan spends $100 per year on your work, and you have 1,000 of these true fans, that’s $100,000 per year. (Read the 1,000 True Fans article here for full enlightenment.)

That means, if you aren’t too greedy, you can make enough money off of solely being an artist to be “happy” according Time magazine’s article which states that the magic number of happiness is $75,000 per year. So you’ll actually be $25,000 past happiness into the getting unhappy again side. But it is very feasible that you’ll have close to that in expenses for your business, so it’s all good.

FanCulture Documentary

As I was wrestling with insomnia tonight, and about to watch The Player, a British production company contacted me and asked if they could use parts of my short film about the first Havaianas store in America in their documentary film FanCulture: The Evolution of Influence.

My short film:

British documentary that will feature parts of my short film above:

I’m actually really excited to watch this documentary once it’s done. I think the relationship between content provider and content consumer is very important, and it’s a relationship that is augmented enormously by the internet. Having 1,000 fans for me isn’t an excuse to have an ego trip. It’s an opportunity to share one’s work, one’s feelings and thoughts about life, with other people that have similar interests. Since I’m a geek that loves anime, classic film, sci-fi, martial arts, action movies, superheroes, etc etc., I’m sure I’ll find a fan base with similar interests. I know that I am definitely a fan in every sense of the word to so many artists out there, it’s time for me to step up to the plate, grit my teeth and get down to business on creating some meaningful art that others can enjoy. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with my forthcoming novel. I will have a glimpse of that novel very very soon (I’ve been working my butt off!), so I hope you all enjoy it. (Plus, I’m still making my feature film this year regardless of what happens!) Well, I’m gonna go watch The Player and probably fall asleep during it… au revoir!



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