Acting for a Living

I’ve been reading Roy McCrerey’s enlightening book called “Acting for a Living,” in which he positively affirms that it is easier to make a living as an actor outside of L.A. than it is to try to break into Hollywood. A very eye-opening read, and if you have any desire at all to be an actor (or even just to follow your creative passions), I highly recommend this book. McCrerey’s own personal story of overcoming Resistance and following his bliss are truly inspiring to anyone trying to follow their own passions.

In the spirit of using blogging to creatively explore and share ideas with my followers at the moment inspiration strikes, and to use WordPress as a platform for open discussion, allow me to share a note I wrote in the virtual margin of the ebook version of Acting for a Living that I purchased:

First, McCrerey’s text (speaking of actors trying to make it in Hollywood):

“If you still haven’t done anything of note by the time you hit your late 20’s and early 30’s, it’s essentially game over. In the major markets, your odds of ‘making it’ do not improve with time – they evaporate.”

I believe that’s true, for people who are only trying to make it as actors, by auditioning and trying to be in other people’s films. Now my marginal e-note:

“The one thing I have to my advantage that this paragraph doesn’t take into account is that I’m not just hitting my career from the acting angle alone. I can very well write and direct my own films and star in them—exactly what Vin Diesel did when he was starting out as a nobody. And if someone is talented and audacious enough, that can be done at any age. Besides, my goal isn’t fame and fortune, or the glitter of Hollywood, it’s simply make a living doing what I love, and sharing my art with others—being part of the global discussion.”

And so, with the support of my 1,000 True Fans, and Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew on my iBooks, I can wholeheartedly focus on my art, and not worry about what other people —whether they be casting directors, directors, or just plain secretaries—think of me. And to an artist, that is a very liberating thought.

NOTE: To be fair, the point McCrerey is trying to make is that if you want to make a living acting, you have better chances outside of Hollywood. My thoughts were just a free association brainstorming session that ensued after reading that one paragraph. Taken in context, I agree wholeheartedly with the message of McCrerey’s excellent book.

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