Video Journaling – A Powerful Tool for Self Exploration

Video journaling has changed my life…and I’ve only been doing it for two days!

You see, I’ve been reading an intriguing book called Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube. At first I bought it because I was interesting in reaching out through video blogging. However, I never knew how interested I would also become in video journaling. (Video blogs are public, video journals are private. Just like a written journal.)

The author, Michael Sean Kaminsky, walks you through an 8-week workshop called The Video Regeneration, in which you keep a daily video journal. I just started mine this week. I’ve only been keeping a video journal for a couple of days, but it’s already become a very liberating, eye-opening experience.

I’ve already learned a few things about myself:

  • I like to talk.
  • I like to look at myself talk.
  • I get off on tangents a lot.
  • I ramble.
  • I like being able to talk as much as I want and not be interrupted – the camera never interrupts! 🙂
  • I actually enjoy video journaling

Videoing for Self Improvement

After videoing myself I can instantly go back and watch what I filmed. I feel like I’ve actually gotten to know myself better. Seeing myself, my composure, my thoughts, my mannerisms—actually being able to observe myself as other people do…it can be quite enlightening. The maxim “the camera never lies” is true! The camera, unlike friends, family, significant others, etc, is completely objective. It’s great to get feedback from other people, but it’s important to remember that we humans are subjective creatures. The camera is completely objective and truthful. That makes it an invaluable tool for feedback. And feedback is absolutely vital to self-improvement.

I like to kill two birds with one stone. So I eat and video journal. Check out that alfalfa hairdo I got going on.

Therapeutic Aspects of Video Journaling

I seriously feel that Kaminsky has broken some serious new ground with this book. I’ve found that video journaling can be extremely therapeutic. I think that’s because sometimes we just need to get our thoughts and feelings out; we need to externalize them, without being interrupted or judged. One of the most frustrating things I still remember about when I was married was not being able to completely finish a thought, and have it be heard and understood. (Probably due to the fact that I ramble a lot, see above.) Not being able to have my spouse completely understand me, because I was constantly being interrupted. And I’m not even talking about arguing. Just listen to two people talk and watch how many times they interrupt each other. How often do we actually stop thinking about what we want to say, or what we think the other person wants to say, and completely tune in and try to understand what the other person is actually saying? I’m sure I was equally at fault, but the reason I share this observation is to stress the importance of being able to follow through with your train of thought and get all of your feelings out on the subject. It seems to me like the ability to do so is absolutely vital to our well-being. In video journaling, you are always able to do just that—get all your thoughts and feelings out—and you can instantly go back and review them! It’s somehow a very intellectually and emotionally satisfying experience that is impossible to understand until you’ve done it yourself.

After I was done making my video journal yesterday and today, I was actually excited for the next day to further explore my thoughts and the things that are happening in my life. Life can pass you by if you just go through the motions. But if you explore, if you take the time to think about where you are going, your life can become rich indeed. I’m finding that video journaling is helping me create that rich life.

Wow! Looks like I’ve rambled again! 🙂 And I didn’t even get to say half of what I wanted to say about video journaling. Like I said, I’ve just started on my Video Regeneration journey…so definitely stay tuned! I plan to report back and share more of the things I’ve learned from the experience.



  1. Dude, i love this! lol! This is funny cuz i have been video journaling for about 3-4 months. Just the other day a friend was telling me he hated reading his old written journals because all he ever wrote about as a teenager was depressing stuff. After our chat, i hung up the phone and decided it was time for a video journal entry to record how happy i am and how awesome my life is. I want to never forget it. Well, after recording, i had to go back and check out myself talking. lol. Love your honesty about watching and hearing yourself talk. Who doesnt, right?

    1. Haha that’s awesome man. And the nice thing is, maybe after I let off all that steam on video, I won’t be as talkative and I won’t take up the whole meeting again on Tues. Nah I’ll still be a big mouth. Hahahah.

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