Monthly Archives: September 2011

Character vs Plot: The Chicken or the Egg?

I’ve recently been reading Aristotle’s Poetics, which is considered, along with Lajos Egri’s The Art of Dramatic Writing, the foundation of modern screenplay writing (and dramatic writing in general). The interesting thing about these two books is that on the surface they appear to contradict each other. Aristotle insists that Plot is most important, and […]

Shoutout: “Dreamt of August” by alden

After getting back from Brazil, I went and watched all the Hollywood summer blockbusters that I missed. While there were some that I really enjoyed, my eyes were screaming out for a break from the sometimes tedious “Hollywood look.” “Dreamt of August” by alden was just the kind of visual serendipitous cacophony that I needed! […]

Quickie: Limitless

Just a quickie [translate: quick post] Wait a minute–since when did Hollywood start making movies that are as cerebral and megalomaniac as Death Note ?! Just watched Limitless directed by Neil Burger starring Bradley Cooper // please tinseltown keep it coming I need my next dose