Filming a House Burning Down

In the middle of a music video shoot, we literally had to rush to the rescue, as a house was burning down next to where we were shooting.

Special Thanks:

  • Mars Webster, co-producer, who first spotted the house burning down, and rushed off to help.
  • Xan Baker ( who helped film, and who also added a feminine touch to offset Mars’ and my machismo.
  • The Provo Fire Department who risked their lives rushing into a burning building to make sure no one was inside.
  • The Provo Police Department who took the 911 call and also blocked off the roads during the incident.

Our heart goes out to the girls who lived in the house. We’re glad nobody got hurt.

Director/DP/Editor: Daniel Bean

Co-producer: Mars Webster Camera:

Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: 70-200 f/2.8L IS

Location: Provo, Utah

© Daniel Bean Films

Go to video on Vimeo



  1. Great job man! You and your buddy.. You informed the fire department and did not become victims yourself by trying to be “hero’s”. I see it happen often. As they tell us when we do something good, I will tell you. AT-A-Boy!

    1. Thanks Ben! Yes, it is smarter to wait for the firemen to get there, since they having much better training and equipment to actually search and rescue. The 911 dispatch told us that no one should go in there. Are you a firefighter yourself, or just know how these things work? Either way thanks for your comments.

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