Monthly Archives: July 2011

Christopher Nolan’s films – How do they compare?

Last night I had insomnia…so I watched the movie Insomnia, thereby completing my goal to watch all of the films directed by Christopher Nolan.¹ So I thought it would be fun to make a list of Nolan’s films in the order of the ones I liked the best. Now, before somebody pops a vein and […]

Waste Land: How a film about junk is making the world a better place

You know a movie is really, really good when your first thought after watching it is “The world would be a better place if everyone watched this movie.” Watching Waste Land (a Lucy Walker film starring Brazilian artist Vik Muniz) was an extremely educational, inspiring, and insightful experience for me. Waste Land documents an artistic […]

Chariot Men: Help us get from Brazil to Sundance!

A feature-length documentary about an endangered way of living in Brazil. Click here to  Help us get from Brazil to Sundance!

Filming a House Burning Down

In the middle of a music video shoot, we literally had to rush to the rescue, as a house was burning down next to where we were shooting. Special Thanks: Mars Webster, co-producer, who first spotted the house burning down, and rushed off to help. Xan Baker ( who helped film, and who also added […]