To X or not to X? (Final Cut Pro X that is…)

I’ve been using Final Cut Pro to edit video since 2006 when I bought my first Mac, a PowerMac G5 (the aluminum tower that looks practically identical to the current Mac Pro, except it had a Power PC dual-core processor!). So you can imagine that since Apple announced that Final Cut Pro was completely re-written from the ground up for its newest version, Final Cut Pro X (or as we in the “biz” like to call it, FCP X), I have been holding my breath. (Well, not literally.) Anyways, FCP X was finally released just a few days ago, and there have been drastically mixed reviews. I was thinking about jumping on the band wagon, but I think this time I’m actually going to sit it out, because I know that in a few months, it will be much improved over the 1.0 version. (Apple has to do something about everyone’s complaints, I mean 80% of independent filmmakers use their software.)
Well, apparently Conan O’Brien wasn’t too keen on the new version of Apple’s software (see video above, which is hilarious!). However, I was relieved to at least read one positive review on it, which was by Dan McComb, documentary filmmaker, based out of Seattle. Read his first thoughts on FCP X here. So, Apple, how ’bout dem updates?


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