Monthly Archives: June 2011

To X or not to X? (Final Cut Pro X that is…)

I’ve been using Final Cut Pro to edit video since 2006 when I bought my first Mac, a PowerMac G5 (the aluminum tower that looks practically identical to the current Mac Pro, except it had a Power PC dual-core processor!). So you can imagine that since Apple announced that Final Cut Pro was completely re-written […]

Real Life Can Look Like the Movies

On Monday (June 20,2011), I went to the Provo, Utah Airport and filmed the first commercial flight ever to land in Provo. Mayor John Curtis, Miss Provo and her runner-ups, and the Vice-President of Customer Service for Frontier Airlines were all in attendance. Inspired by Michael Bay’s filmmaking style, I decided to release two cuts […]

Filming the Aftermath of a Catastrophe

A few weeks ago I was visiting my brother Miles, who lives in Teresópolis, about an hour north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Back in January, Teresópolis was hit by the one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit Brazil. Floods and mudslides left over 1,000 people dead or missing. Homes were completely destroyed and people […]

Daniel Bean on TV in Brazil

While in Brazil, I was interviewed on TV about my upcoming documentary, Chariot Men. This is the full interview, with English subtitles.

Almost Locked Up in Jail by Brazilian Feds!

Bee Money: The Movie (Teaser)

New VLOG – Rio and Back Again!

I figured I already worked hard enough to make this vlog, and it still has a crappy YouTube thumbnail, so I’ll take a break from typing and just let you watch the damn vlog already…