Live on TV In Brazil — Bibo’s Show

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Today I was invited to be interviewed live on TV in Brazil on the Bibo Nunes Show. I spoke a little bit about my documentary that I’m working on here in Brazil. The subject of the documentary is something very peculiar which only exists, to my knowledge, in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil. Bibo Nunes, the host, was very interested to see an American come all the way to Brazil to make a documentary here in this part of Brazil. I also had the opportunity of meeting Manuela D’Ávila, the deputada (which is basically like a congressman in the U.S.) of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with some more officials here and hopefully film some interviews. I’m extremely grateful to my new friends Tarciso Hamilton, a local photographer and journalist, and Acácio Santos, a director of events in the area, for helping me make so many connections so quickly, which will greatly help the documentary move forward.

*****UPDATE:  Here’s a link to watch the show. I show up for a little bit near the beginning and again near the end. Hope you enjoy!

Photos by Tarcisio Hamilton



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