Monthly Archives: May 2011

Travel Photography Tip: Photograph People

If you’ve read my profile, you know I’m a triple combo: filmmaker, photographer, and animator. In this vlog, I share a quick tip on travel photography. (To see more of my photos, visit BTW, I apologize for YouTube’s resolution challenged thumbnail. Trust me, the photo is a lot better than that. LOL! UPDATED: Well it […]

New footage: Power Lines Exploding in Brazil

I’m here in Brazil filming a documentary about the Chariot Riders, who work riding all over the city of Porto Alegre in horse-drawn chariots. They live on islands in the river Guaíba next to Porto Alegre. The main island is called Ilha dos Marinheiros (“The Isle of Sailors”). We filmed there Thursday, and while filming […]

Exploding Power Lines & Chariot Men

I’m in Brazil filming a documentary about the “Chariot Men.” These carroceiros are people who earn a living by riding around the city on horse-drawn chariots, darting in and out of normal traffic, collecting garbage to sell to places that recycle. Most of them live on islands in the Rio Guaíba, next to Porto Alegre, where they […]

Visual Poetry: Ami Vitale

I stumbled across the name Ami Vitale while reading From Still to Motion (which is actually written for photographers crossing over into filmmaking, which is the opposite of the path I took, but I find the book interesting nonetheless). Ami Vitale is an accomplished travel photographer who, since the advent of  HDSLRs, has also crossed […]

Live on TV In Brazil — Bibo’s Show

Today I was invited to be interviewed live on TV in Brazil on the Bibo Nunes Show. I spoke a little bit about my documentary that I’m working on here in Brazil. The subject of the documentary is something very peculiar which only exists, to my knowledge, in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state […]

Sydney Sorenson Utah Jazz Dancer – Red Cross Japan Relief Commercial

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do something to help the Japan relief effort. The Red Cross definitely needs all the help it can get. The tsunami in Japan was one of the worst natural disasters ever, and it will take quite a while to get Japan back on its feet. Please help […]