Havaianas Soul Collection at Huntington Beach [Canon 5D, L Glass & Tascam DR-100]

I did this promotional video for Havaianas USA, at the only Havaianas store in America, in Huntington Beach, CA. They just launched their new closed-toe collection, called the “Soul Collection.”

I filmed it on a 5D Mark II, with a 24-105 f/4L IS lens. This lens turned out to be perfect for shooting in the store. With the 5D, it can go really wide, but it can also go telephoto enough for shooting in such a location. Nothing is so far away that I’d need a super long lens. Also, the whole front of the store is basically two large windows, which act as giant softboxes, so I was able to shoot at ISO 160 and f/4 pretty much the whole time. If I was shooting in low light, I’d probably use a faster lens.

For the sequence with the girl talking I used my trusty Tascam DR-100 and wireless lav. It was nice because I didn’t have to fool around with AA batteries or power adapter (as I would have had to using a Zoom H4n). The internal lithium-ion battery on the DR-100 lasts for a couple hours.

I shot with Philip Bloom‘s settings, also called “Super Flat.” (Watch this video to see Philip Bloom give a walkthrough on these settings.) I then color graded in FCP. I really like how the shots graded. 5D footage handles grading elegantly. (I’m still debating whether I like the 60D or 5D better…basically the digital equivalents of 35mm and 65mm Vista Vision…it’s a tough debate, makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills!)

I also threw in a couple of light leaks for good measure. I like to use them with overexposed, backlit shots. Special thanks to Jesse Rosten for providing them!

Also make sure to check out this short film I made last year at the Havaianas Store’s Grand Opening:


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