Las Vegas People – A Short Film

Right before Dale Kamp (see left to Asia for his 4 month trip, I was down in Las Vegas on business and we met up late Saturday night. I had just driven down from Provo, Utah (a 6 hour drive) and met with a client, and I was exhausted. Dale was tired too, and we were almost going to can the idea of doing any filming. We had thought up this idea a few months ago while we were filming Citius. You see, Dale and I are both of the opinion that there is nothing we can’t do, so when we watched Philip Bloom’s “people” series, we were both like “let’s do it!”

I drank an energy drink and ate a few zingers, and after being hopped up on sugar and caffeine, was ready to go. Dale is always ready to shoot, even when he’s tired, since he has already reached enlightenment on the Philip Bloom path. (His Canon 7D was touched by Philip Bloom after all!)

So we headed down to Fremont Street to check out the scene. As always, we had loads of fun doing our digital cinematography thing, as well as hanging with David Bowie and Elvis. I even got into a little tiff with a born again. (I had a little too much sugar and caffeine, you see.)

After getting caught up on my paid projects, I got a chance to edit this great little short, and had a lot of fun at it. I love the colors and the people. Shooting is Las Vegas at night is great, especially with these large sensor cameras and fast lenses. Even my 24- 105 f/4L, which everybody always thinks “oh, that’s too slow” (just because it’s one stop less than f2.8!) did amazingly well in the middle of the night. (If  you are looking for an all-around video lens with excellent image quality, I highly recommend it! By the way all the camera/lens specs for this shoot are on the vimeo page for Las Vegas People.)

So kick back, have a Happy New Year, and enjoy Las Vegas People!


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