New DSLR Announcement

There’s a new video DSLR on the horizon, and it’s got my name on it…literally! No, actually my brother Miles just made this gnarly image in Photoshop for me. Creativity runs in the family. (Incidentally, Miles appears in my Havaianas short, at 0:56 and 2:25. He was living in Huntington Beach at the time, and he’s the one who helped me stumble upon that opportunity.)

Speaking of DSLRs, there seems to be a lot of hubbub lately about which camera you should buy. With the Canon 60D, Panasonic GH2, and Scarlet all joining the fray, which camera is right? I even got lured into a Canon vs Panasonic bash over on a Prolost article on the Canon 60D.

My own personal biases aside, I’ve always believed it’s not the camera, but the filmmaker, that makes the difference. Of course having quality gear definitely does help, and features like shallow depth of field and overcranking are wonderful to have and can be used in many creative ways for both aesthetic and narrative purposes.

However, I’ve always liked to think of it like this: If your neighbor was given a $200,000 cinema camera and Steven Spielberg was given a Flip Mino HD to go and make a movie with, whose movie would be better? (Pretend like Spielberg didn’t make that last Indiana Jones movie.)

So if you want to make films, definitely invest in a camera. But even more importantly, invest in yourself, by watching films, practicing, taking a class, reading books (I find that a lot of people, even film students, skip that one, underestimating the importance of books), and looking for ways to improve.


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