A shoutout to one of the world’s best cinematographers

I actually am surprised that I didn’t do this shoutout sooner. One of the great things about the internet, is that it democratizes media distribution. So I don’t have to be stuck with only being able to watch content produced in Hollywood for film and TV. No, we have much more freedom of choice now. And one happy result of that is that I have been able to watch Jason Magbanua’s films. I was blown away the first time (and every time) I watched his films, which are actually wedding videos. But they are nothing like any wedding video you’ve ever seen. In my opinion, he is a much better cinematographer than the majority of the cinematographers in Hollywood. And he uses DSLR cameras, like I do. It’s a very exciting time when anyone who as the talent and passion can step up and rival Hollywood filmmakers and even beat them at their own game.

The above video is an amazing little teaser of one of his wedding films. Actually the one I wanted to post is here, but it wouldn’t let me embed. They are both great films. I love his use of moving camera, lens flares, and interesting angles. Truly inspiring to anyone interested in making films. Check out more of his stuff on vimeo. And by the way, thanks, Dale for introducing me to Jason’s work. And I hope you get to work with him while you are out there in the Philippines!


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